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Is False Abundance or Scarcity Around Your Knowledge Holding You Back?

Abundance and scarcity are interesting concepts to me and something I've been thinking about a lot lately - especially when it comes to sharing knowledge and teaching.

Sometimes we're hesitant to share what we know. We want to keep it to ourselves because we feel like it creates some sort of scarcity. As if we're the only ones who know it and if we let it out our value instantly decreases.

As if we can somehow maintain our status by keeping it to ourselves. Knowledge does not accrue interest by staying in your head. In fact, it loses value.

We sometimes think that someone else might take our thoughts and knowledge and find a way to beat us to a spot of monetization.

Or, worse, we have an idea then realize others are already doing it so there must not be any more room at the table. That we couldn't succeed because the others already doing it surely have all of the customers that exist.

All of these stories we tell ourselves about abundance and scarcity are false. Think about how irrational the last one is, yet that's really what we're telling ourselves when we dismiss an idea because it's not original or someone else is executing against it.

Even if someone knows more than you, they don't have your unique experience behind it. They don't have your perspective. Their teaching style may not work for everyone. They may not be as generous as you are.

I'd also venture to say, that through teaching, you will stumble across even more knowledge. Questions you never thought about will lead you to go deeper. Edges you never knew existed will become visible.

Being curious and humble can be an antidote for imposter syndrome. When you realize that no other human on the planet knows everything about anything you'll begin to see what a ridiculous expectation it is for you to think you should know everything about the topic you're interested in.

Acquire knowledge. Then share it. Uncover what you don't know. Then share it.

Be humble and don't take yourself too seriously.