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Ep 42 - Pivoting Within Constraints and Do You Really Need to be on Social Media with Dayna Del Val

Winding Road Podcast - Dayna Del Val


Dayna is a return guest on The Winding Road. We crossed paths in more than one place - Dorie Clark's Recognized Expert community and Seth  Godin's altMBA. 

This podcast differs from others I've done since we covered more than one topic. A lot of times, this happens but not to the extent it did with my conversation with Dayna. 

We talked about her career journey and the importance of embracing constraints along the way. We also started talking about social media and riffed on the importance (or lack thereof) of social media and our careers. 

Early in her career, Dayna's dream was to become an actor. She was going to move to Los Angeles and make it big - and she was on her way until something unexpected happened. 

As a result, she had to move back to Fargo, ND, and figure out how to fulfill her dream there. 

Since then, she's had an incredibly successful acting career and navigated the obstacles, and worked within the constraints of what she had and where she was remarkable. 

As our conversation went on, we also started to talk about social media, especially for marketing the projects we're working on, and whether or not we could be successful without it. 

The conclusion we came to might surprise you.


Topics discussed:

  • "I felt like I was my truest self when somebody hit the board and said Action!" - Dayna
  • Reconcile that stupid fear of missing out or fear that you didn't work hard enough
  • How much do you believe in serendipity versus like feeling like you have to be out there?
  • Where could I put my time and see better returns?
  • How can you remove social as a perceived key marketing channel?
  • Seeking reassurance
  • You always remember the negative comments more than the positive ones.

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