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Ep 40 - Fast Tracking Your Marketing Career with Christopher Roche

Winding Road Podcast Cover - Christopher Roche


Sometimes the secret to fast-tracking your marketing career isn't what you think. 

Christopher Roche took a detour into sales and it made all the difference to his marketing career. I can say the same thing. 

When you are able to spend time on the "other" side- some marketers might call it the "dark" side - you gain a different appreciation for what good leads look like and how difficult life can be for folks in sales.

You also get access to customer feedback and insight like never before.

In this episode of The Winding Road Podcast, Christopher and I talk about how he went from intern to CMO to starting a successful business - in less than six years. So much great insight is shared!

Books mentioned:

  • Surprisingly, none were mentioned in this episode

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